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Don't Scream, It's Only Lavender Gift Basket


"Don't Scream, It's Only Lavender" Gift Basket

Includes 6 product items in a decorative basket (basket may vary from photo) with a lavender scented theme plus fun little extras:

  • Grave Delights Body Sugar Scrub Lavender; Dearly Departed Lotion

  • "The Morose Librarian" Lavender & Cedarwood

  • Bathory Tub Soak Bergamot & Lavender Relaxation Blend Packet

  • "The Therapist" Lavender & Vanilla Massage Bar

  • Butcher Block Lotion Bar Sticks Lavender & Tangerine

  • Revive Lip Balm Tube Lavender & Tangerine

  • Stress Relief Tea Blend Bag

  • Custom Beautiful Carcass Bookmarks

  • BONUS: A coffee mug & random book are included at no additional cost to you.

Lavender is a great way to relieve stress and relax. It also has anti-aging properties, which means it's excellent for healing damaged skin and dealing with wrinkles (if that bothers you, we happen to love your wrinkles).

If someone in your life is feeling stressed out, gift them "Don't Scream, It's Only Lavender" today!

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Additional Info

For product ingredients, please see the specific items listed in our products page. As with all skin care products, please be aware of any nut allergies as we do use avocado oil in various products. The brand we use is manufactured in a processing plant that also manufactures nuts.