Beard Balm: A Bit of Euphoria & Psychosis

"God, I'd give anything for [beard balm]. I'd give my goddamned soul for just a [jar of beard balm]." Jack Torrance, The Shining

True story. Our beard balm is THAT good.

Do you really need beard balm in your life? Yes. But why? Beard balm does more than style or scent your beard. Yes, it'll make you irresistible to women. Yes, you'll be able to fight off zombie hordes. Yes, you'll capture real footage of the Jersey Devil. Maybe.

But more importantly: our beard balm is going to rock your beard's world, regardless of size, texture, or shape. Our beard balms contain a base of organic unrefined cold pressed coconut oil. Coconut oil has properties that are naturally antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-fungal. It also has Vitamins E & K that help to repair broken skin and decrease flaking.

Our secondary ingredient, organic unrefined raw African Shea butter, also helps to heal and relieve dry flaky skin. Beard itch can be a major bummer. Who wants to spend time scratching their beard when they could be saving the dirty damsel in distress from an approaching horde? No one- that's who.

We added jojoba oil to Devil in the Barrens. Jojoba oil can help repair and strengthen damaged hair follicles. It's also used to treat hair loss. This might be an ingredient we make primary in all our beard balms. It's pretty fantastic.

Get a beard balm. Use it for whatever you need. Style. Sanitize. Scent.

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Father's Day Gift Guide

Is there a bearded guy in your life that you're celebrating this Father's Day? If so, we have some gift ideas that are unique and organic.

For a limited time, we have combined our Sick Rick Beard Balm and Devil in the Barrens Beard Balm in a gift set for Dad. It includes a cheeky Let's Escape to the Woods coffee mug in honor of our local South Jersey legend, The Jersey Devil!

Or, you can still buy either of these beard balms separately. We can customize a bundle to include other unisex body products like our Buffalo Bill's Skin Deep Tattoo Balm, one of our Dearly Departed Lotions, or maybe a lip balm. Endless options. Just send us an email and we'll help make your Father's Day Gift one of a kind.


Product Reviews & Gift Guides!

Have you seen our reviews lately? We've been reviewed on some pretty awesome sites! Below are links to the more recent ones from December and this month:

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In December 2017, we were featured on two review sites for best Stranger Things Christmas gifts! 


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I am so thankful and a bit humbled as we continue to reach epic sales this holiday season! We've always known our customers are a unique, awesome group of people. But to choose us to help spread some Christmas cheer this year has really been an amazing feeling. We have sold over 50 Stranger Christmas Gift Baskets! And, it's still going...

So, a very heartfelt thank you to all who have chosen our products to gift this year! Happy Holidays from our family to yours. :)

Mom Hard

Being a Mom to 4 kids can be brutal. I'm usually exhausted; and, my own skin care routine seems inaccessible. But I constantly battle dry skin and now a tad bit of acne (at 35 years old- argh!) due to breastfeeding my 8 month old gorgeous little dude.

So, here I sit under a sleeping baby with a 3 year old and almost 2 year old running circles in the living room. I should have a stellar skin care routine considering I have all the products at my fingertips, literally! But I don't. I make them for all you beautiful people.  

Why as Moms do things like skin care routines, skin care products, getting our hair done or a manicure become "treats" or "special occasion" things? We work hard damnit! This is the "Mom Trap," everyone else comes first and we slide into last, usually forgoing most things that make us feel good and more confident. We can even feel guilt for wanting things for ourselves- things as simple as a tube of lip balm.

Beautiful Carcass is NOT a break the bank skin & lip care routine. It's also not complicated. You don't need 4-5 different items used in a special secret combo method over a 10 year period that'll make your eyebrows grow and scrape 5 years off your age. 

You are already beautiful. You are already special. And our products are created to help your skin feel healthier. You don't need to look younger. You don't need to wait until Christmas or your Birthday to 'treat yourself.' Reasonable prices for wholesome, natural organic products that will help you feel healthier. You can use our products without needing 30 minutes to figure out the instructions, apply and then wait to remove. We are accessible. We are easy (wink, kidding) and we are Mom friendly. 

So, ladies, MOM HARD! Do your thing. But remember, you work hard damnit so take care of yourself! Because if you're anything like me: the ship would sink without you steering. Go put on some lip balm! 

New Products

Nipples Suck (From Being Sucked On): Make Breastfeeding More Comfortable

As a Mama who has now been exclusively breastfeeding for 7 months, it would be ridiculous of me not to have created something for myself to help with cracked, dry, sore and bleeding nipples. Any Mama who has breastfed her baby, even if only for a few days, knows how painful it can be in the beginning. And, sometimes, for all kinds of reasons, the pain persists. Our nipples are pretty damn sensitive after all.

After I started reading the ingredient labels for major name brand nipple balms/creams, I decided to make my own. Nip Dip has prevented me from painful nipples for the last 7 months. It has healed cracked nipples that could have gotten much worse without it. It has even healed red, sore peeling noses from winter colds (because its use is actually universal for dry, cracked and/or sore skin issues). There are only 3 ingredients in my Nip Dip: organic coconut oil, organic Shea butter, and raw beeswax. There are no parabens, no triethanolamine, no preservatives or chemicals. Lanolin free. No fragrances except the natural scent of coconut oil and Shea butter.

So, I'm introducing Nip Dip to show some love to my fellow nursing Mama warriors. Rub this on your tortured nipples for some relief! It works! And, because you'll be using this so often, it goes a LONG way! As with all my products, you get your money's worth: a product that goes a long way without breaking the piggy bank.

Keep a container of Nip Dip in your breastfeeding kit, on your side table, or gift it to a Mama-to-be. Good luck on your nursing journey! We are here to help make it a little easier. 💋

Unmask Your Skin (Happy Halloween!)

UNMASK your skin's true potential! Most over the counter products dry your skin out instead of providing continuous soft and smoothness. Our products were created to provide deep, long lasting moisturizing with raw, organic and healthy ingredients that won't break the piggy bank. Just a little bit of our product will go a long way. You won't need to re-apply continually throughout the day just to maintain relief and smoothness. The ingredients we use are not diluted by chemicals or preservatives or alcohol. Many popular lotions contain alcohol, which defeats the purpose of the other really good ingredients that are full of benefits.

For instance, I received a sample in the mail of a popular organic children's lotion that's now coconut oil based. I thought it looked really cool so I tried it out on my daughter (13 months old). I really was in a hurry and didn't pay attention to the ingredients until I caught a whiff of her skin. It's coconut oil based but they had to add fake coconut scent! And, it was packed with alcohol, which is killer on my baby's skin. Not only is this a popular brand but it's also super expensive. And, for why? It's billed organic.

We have no hidden agenda in our ingredients. Everything is listed; and, we use high quality raw, organic ingredients- actually the more we can limit our ingredient list, the better. More is not always better when it comes to hard to read ingredient labels.

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase so we offer the option to buy a sampler kit before you select a full size product. You can make a special request if there's a specific product you're interested in sampling. Unless we really can't provide it at that time, I always try to meet customers' special requests.

Happy Halloween FB Promo Words.jpg

Redrum, Redrum, Redrum (It's here!)

My goal has been met! We've officially launched our first natural lip tint, appropriately called REDRUM. The mica powder works great. I've been using the lip tint for well-over a week to check satisfaction and quality. I've enjoyed using it. My lips are naturally pink but after putting on REDRUM, they have a slight subtle reddish tint that shimmers. I still feel all the same benefits of our regular lip balms, which I should, since the ingredients are the same except for the addition of mica powder. I won't lie- this pregnant Mama felt sexy wearing REDRUM. Now, unfortunately, your lip skin tone color will dictate how this lip tint works for you. In the future, and if it seems customers really dig our tints, I'll experiment with different colors for different skin tones. We want to be able to offer all our customers a tint option that will work for them. If I'm feeling particularly social, I'll include a photo of 'before' and 'after' to show you the difference in color and shine on my own lips. If you're looking for a dramatic color change, lip tint isn't the way to go. It's definitely subtle and more natural in appearance. I particularly like that the consistency is not overwhelming on my lips. Plus, I can kiss all my babies without leaving smudges.

Unfortunately, I do not have samples at this time for anyone ordering a sampler kit. The mica powder is expensive and does not go a long way, which is why we increased the price for lip tints to $4.99. 

If you have any questions about this new product, shoot me an email! As usual, please review our ingredient list for any possible allergens.

Note that this is not vegan-friendly, as none of our lip balms are considered such BUT we do have other products that are like our Dearly Departed Lotions, Relaxed Mourning Fizzy Bath Bombs, The Wake Lemon Facial Cleanser, The Vigil Lavender Facial Moisturizer and our Grave Delights Body Sugar Scrubs. At this time, we only offer one vegan-friendly Good Grief Lip Sugar Scrub- Vanilla.

Tint'illating Colors

For awhile now, I've been obsessed with tinted lip balms. A big name store that I used to *always* go to for lotions, cosmetics, etc. has them but I never really liked the texture or the cost. Also, there are many so-called 'safe synthetics' added for color that aren't really all that safe. So, I figured, what the hell? I can probably do this myself too! But, it's harder than I originally assumed because I'm not adding dyes or other chemicals to make the 'tint.'

I want to make our tinted lip balm as healthy and as organic as possible. I tried using beetroot powder, which would work if I wanted a lip gloss but it doesn't pack much punch for a tint. The beetroot powder tends to pool at the bottom of the mixture, even when mixed with our carrier oil. I could add vegetable glycerin to *maybe* get it stronger but then I'm adding another ingredient to our lip balms. Nah.

Some of you received a Tint Experiment #1 Lip Balm Sample in your sampler kits. I included these just for fun. They don't tint your lips but the balm is very moisturizing. It still has all our ingredients. I didn't want to waste the experiments so I decided to send them out along with sampler kits. I'm using the leftovers myself, as is my family. My daughter gave a couple to her friends who thought the colors looked cool. No dice on tint factor though.

Now, the experiments continue. And, I want this to work before Halloween. It's my goal. Instead of beetroot powder, I'm using mica powder- a mineral based ingredient that will help get the color. I'd like to start with Pearl Red mica powder from Slice of the Moon, a Canadian based company. The mica powder has sparkle characteristics that should give the balm a slight shimmer too but not the same as if we were making a gloss. The color should be a darker red but when used in a smaller amount and added to everything else- it'll hopefully give lips a reddish tint- sexy not French tart kinda red. This particular mica powder is cosmetic grade and conforms to ASTM D4236. 

Over the upcoming weekend, Pearl Red mica powder will be on the list to try. Keep following the blog to find out when our tinted lip balm will be available for purchase.

REDRUM is coming soon! Don't worry, you won't need to use your finger. It'll probably be in a tube. (Insert laughter- I crack myself up)

Not all Shea is created equal... (Price Increase)

Recently, we had to increase the price of some products by $0.49 to account for a change in our supplier of raw ivory African Shea butter. This is a main ingredient in almost every single product except for our body & lip sugar scrubs and fizzy bath bombs. But, we decided to stick with this supplier despite the price increase because the Shea butter is just that damn GOOD! Matter of fact, it's amazing. Here's why...

We have always struggled with the consistency of our lotion due to the combo of organic unrefined and/or raw ingredients. We do not add chemicals or preservatives or water. We prefer to keep every single ounce of awesome benefits in our ingredients. This comes with, a little bit of self consciousness on my part. Why? Because my lotion does NOT look like mainstream, over-the-counter lotion that uses a ton of other things to keep it looking smooth and creamy. Mine has flecks of raw Shea in it AND it's heat sensitive. But, these are not terrible things- and, I've gotten over my shyness because my lotion works. It honestly heals damaged skin, keeps it smooth, and takes away redness. I know this because so many of you, our dearly loved, customers have told me so! And, it also does the same great things to my own skin and my children's skin. But, like life in general, appearances often matter-- a sad truth that I rail against ALL the time. Fight. Fight. Fight.

Now, I'm not going mainstream at all but this new Shea butter has my lotion looking down right sexy! It's smooth and whipped in appearance. Best part? Less flecks, if any. Other best part? It's creamy so it gives you that comfort-feeling you're accustomed to with over-the-counter lotions BUT it still packs a punch with all the nourishment and benefits of each ingredient that hasn't been used and abused and squandered for the sake of consistency or appearance. 

So, our Fall scents and any new lotions going forward will increase by $0.49. However, we decided to NOT increase the price of our facial moisturizer, The Vigil, which also uses Shea butter. I want to make sure this is still a reasonable price since it already uses so many other quality ingredients like 100% natural avocado oil and rosehip seed oil.

Here's a sexy little shot of the new consistency. It almost looks like I'm making a dessert. My KitchenAid gets so much action. 

Fall is in the Air & On Your Skin

We have introduced our new Fall scents! If you haven't been following us on Facebook, we have three new Dearly Departed Lotions (with their own tales of demise) and two new lotion bars. All of these products were inspired by the scents of Fall. We decided to use patchouli, as it is considered a classic Halloween scent with its sweet/muskiness. And, we've also added cinnamon to our repertoire of essential oils. Cinnamon is a classic Fall scent- not to mention taste.

Since Fall and Halloween are my favorite times of the year (as if you couldn't guess that already), we're packing our orders with goodies from new custom bookmarks to lollipops to samples of the new Fall products. AND, if you haven't purchased a sampler kit or you're curious about these new scents, order one now! These are specifically Fall sampler kit, unless you otherwise request to not try our latest and greatest. 

We will be discontinuing a couple of lotions to make room for these and the upcoming holiday season. Stay tuned to make sure you don't miss out! And, enter our monthly contests to get yours before they enter the graveyard...only to return on the eve of a full moon and many requests.

This weekend in lieu of the first day of October- we will be offering a Halloween gift basket and a variety of goodie bags filled with these new scents. So, if you know a weirdo with great taste and a desire for healthy skin, purchase them a gift basket! 

Mediums & Lotion

This past weekend (9/24/16), we had a wonderful experience at the Woodbridge Psychic Fair in Woodbridge, NJ. We were seated next to Trinity Metaphysical, another vendor at the event. In the bigger room next to us, psychics and mediums gave tarot readings, among many other things. The event was hosted by New Jersey Paranormal and housed in the Barron Arts Center, a historical building with its own ghost stories. 

We love to meet people at events. More so, we love to give people an opportunity to try the products out first hand. I think we surprise quite a few with the quality of the product. During this particular event, we had several people come back up to the table after awhile and comment on their sample still working, particularly the lip sugar scrub and lotions. 

Our biggest seller was the new Revive Peppermint Lip Balm in tube form. We usually carry this product in a tin. The same ingredients are used in both. But, let's be honest, the tube is way more convenient for carrying around and for using. I will let you know that I've had one customer tell me that after using lip balm from the tin- she takes the excess from her finger and uses it on her cuticles. Why not? Many of our ingredients are completely interchangeable in various products. The difference is only slight. Every product (except The Vigil) contains coconut oil. And, every product except for sugar scrubs and The Wake contain Shea butter. This isn't done for convenience. It's because those two main ingredients are just that damn good! 

This event also made me realize that we NEED t-shirts! We had many people ask us about shirts with our logo. It prompted me to go ahead and create a Cafe Press shop with various apparel and some accessories with our logo on it, along with our unique phrase: I Am a Beautiful Carcass. Check it out now at

We want to extend the warmest of thank yous to John and his group, New Jersey Paranormal, for such a cool event to vend at! And, we would like to say thank you to all the customers who came to our table to chit chat and try our products. We love meeting you. We love helping you and your beautiful carcass.

Remember to check up on us via Facebook for upcoming vending events and also our main page.

Creating Self-Confidence (and Lotion)

As much as I want to commit to a weekly blog post, we have been very busy creating products and preparing for our first vending event on May 14th at the New Jersey Paraunity Expo in Woodbridge, NJ. We are very excited to bring Beautiful Carcass to this very unique event! Not only is it a chance to introduce our products and brand but we will be with a pretty awesome crowd! 

Preparing for this event has made me realize the importance of self-confidence. Are you a self-confident person? For a long time, I wasn't and some days, I'm still far from it. It was hard for me to imagine that these products would be bought by people! It wasn't that I questioned their quality or anything like that. It was more insidious- why would someone want to buy something “I” made? My ideas aren't that unique. I'm not special. So many different negative thoughts. The purpose of this blog post is to not only say a huge “thank you” to all our customers who have given me a ton of self-confidence in the last two months but to also remind you the importance of creating your own self-confidence. You are unique and special for a variety of reasons that go beyond size, shape, ethnicity, race, age, etc.

Beautiful Carcass is about straying from the mainstream and leading a life of authenticity- feeling free to be yourself and be HAPPY with YOURSELF. These are hard concepts, even harder to follow through with. I'm working on it everyday as part of becoming a healthier person, woman, mother, wife and friend. Our products are one step in helping you become healthier, at least in your skin and lip care routine. But, I hope you think about my mini rant above and maybe work on being healthier in other ways too. We love you just the way you are, friends!

Stay tuned for more updates and information on products. If you're local or nearby, come to the New Jersey Paraunity Expo on 5/14/16. Information on times, location, ticket price and guests can be viewed at

Thank you for reading. Be swell.