Redrum, Redrum, Redrum (It's here!)

My goal has been met! We've officially launched our first natural lip tint, appropriately called REDRUM. The mica powder works great. I've been using the lip tint for well-over a week to check satisfaction and quality. I've enjoyed using it. My lips are naturally pink but after putting on REDRUM, they have a slight subtle reddish tint that shimmers. I still feel all the same benefits of our regular lip balms, which I should, since the ingredients are the same except for the addition of mica powder. I won't lie- this pregnant Mama felt sexy wearing REDRUM. Now, unfortunately, your lip skin tone color will dictate how this lip tint works for you. In the future, and if it seems customers really dig our tints, I'll experiment with different colors for different skin tones. We want to be able to offer all our customers a tint option that will work for them. If I'm feeling particularly social, I'll include a photo of 'before' and 'after' to show you the difference in color and shine on my own lips. If you're looking for a dramatic color change, lip tint isn't the way to go. It's definitely subtle and more natural in appearance. I particularly like that the consistency is not overwhelming on my lips. Plus, I can kiss all my babies without leaving smudges.

Unfortunately, I do not have samples at this time for anyone ordering a sampler kit. The mica powder is expensive and does not go a long way, which is why we increased the price for lip tints to $4.99. 

If you have any questions about this new product, shoot me an email! As usual, please review our ingredient list for any possible allergens.

Note that this is not vegan-friendly, as none of our lip balms are considered such BUT we do have other products that are like our Dearly Departed Lotions, Relaxed Mourning Fizzy Bath Bombs, The Wake Lemon Facial Cleanser, The Vigil Lavender Facial Moisturizer and our Grave Delights Body Sugar Scrubs. At this time, we only offer one vegan-friendly Good Grief Lip Sugar Scrub- Vanilla.