Tint'illating Colors

For awhile now, I've been obsessed with tinted lip balms. A big name store that I used to *always* go to for lotions, cosmetics, etc. has them but I never really liked the texture or the cost. Also, there are many so-called 'safe synthetics' added for color that aren't really all that safe. So, I figured, what the hell? I can probably do this myself too! But, it's harder than I originally assumed because I'm not adding dyes or other chemicals to make the 'tint.'

I want to make our tinted lip balm as healthy and as organic as possible. I tried using beetroot powder, which would work if I wanted a lip gloss but it doesn't pack much punch for a tint. The beetroot powder tends to pool at the bottom of the mixture, even when mixed with our carrier oil. I could add vegetable glycerin to *maybe* get it stronger but then I'm adding another ingredient to our lip balms. Nah.

Some of you received a Tint Experiment #1 Lip Balm Sample in your sampler kits. I included these just for fun. They don't tint your lips but the balm is very moisturizing. It still has all our ingredients. I didn't want to waste the experiments so I decided to send them out along with sampler kits. I'm using the leftovers myself, as is my family. My daughter gave a couple to her friends who thought the colors looked cool. No dice on tint factor though.

Now, the experiments continue. And, I want this to work before Halloween. It's my goal. Instead of beetroot powder, I'm using mica powder- a mineral based ingredient that will help get the color. I'd like to start with Pearl Red mica powder from Slice of the Moon, a Canadian based company. The mica powder has sparkle characteristics that should give the balm a slight shimmer too but not the same as if we were making a gloss. The color should be a darker red but when used in a smaller amount and added to everything else- it'll hopefully give lips a reddish tint- sexy not French tart kinda red. This particular mica powder is cosmetic grade and conforms to ASTM D4236. 

Over the upcoming weekend, Pearl Red mica powder will be on the list to try. Keep following the blog to find out when our tinted lip balm will be available for purchase.

REDRUM is coming soon! Don't worry, you won't need to use your finger. It'll probably be in a tube. (Insert laughter- I crack myself up)