Unmask Your Skin (Happy Halloween!)

UNMASK your skin's true potential! Most over the counter products dry your skin out instead of providing continuous soft and smoothness. Our products were created to provide deep, long lasting moisturizing with raw, organic and healthy ingredients that won't break the piggy bank. Just a little bit of our product will go a long way. You won't need to re-apply continually throughout the day just to maintain relief and smoothness. The ingredients we use are not diluted by chemicals or preservatives or alcohol. Many popular lotions contain alcohol, which defeats the purpose of the other really good ingredients that are full of benefits.

For instance, I received a sample in the mail of a popular organic children's lotion that's now coconut oil based. I thought it looked really cool so I tried it out on my daughter (13 months old). I really was in a hurry and didn't pay attention to the ingredients until I caught a whiff of her skin. It's coconut oil based but they had to add fake coconut scent! And, it was packed with alcohol, which is killer on my baby's skin. Not only is this a popular brand but it's also super expensive. And, for why? It's billed organic.

We have no hidden agenda in our ingredients. Everything is listed; and, we use high quality raw, organic ingredients- actually the more we can limit our ingredient list, the better. More is not always better when it comes to hard to read ingredient labels.

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase so we offer the option to buy a sampler kit before you select a full size product. You can make a special request if there's a specific product you're interested in sampling. Unless we really can't provide it at that time, I always try to meet customers' special requests.

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