Creating Self-Confidence (and Lotion)

As much as I want to commit to a weekly blog post, we have been very busy creating products and preparing for our first vending event on May 14th at the New Jersey Paraunity Expo in Woodbridge, NJ. We are very excited to bring Beautiful Carcass to this very unique event! Not only is it a chance to introduce our products and brand but we will be with a pretty awesome crowd! 

Preparing for this event has made me realize the importance of self-confidence. Are you a self-confident person? For a long time, I wasn't and some days, I'm still far from it. It was hard for me to imagine that these products would be bought by people! It wasn't that I questioned their quality or anything like that. It was more insidious- why would someone want to buy something “I” made? My ideas aren't that unique. I'm not special. So many different negative thoughts. The purpose of this blog post is to not only say a huge “thank you” to all our customers who have given me a ton of self-confidence in the last two months but to also remind you the importance of creating your own self-confidence. You are unique and special for a variety of reasons that go beyond size, shape, ethnicity, race, age, etc.

Beautiful Carcass is about straying from the mainstream and leading a life of authenticity- feeling free to be yourself and be HAPPY with YOURSELF. These are hard concepts, even harder to follow through with. I'm working on it everyday as part of becoming a healthier person, woman, mother, wife and friend. Our products are one step in helping you become healthier, at least in your skin and lip care routine. But, I hope you think about my mini rant above and maybe work on being healthier in other ways too. We love you just the way you are, friends!

Stay tuned for more updates and information on products. If you're local or nearby, come to the New Jersey Paraunity Expo on 5/14/16. Information on times, location, ticket price and guests can be viewed at

Thank you for reading. Be swell.