Fall is in the Air & On Your Skin

We have introduced our new Fall scents! If you haven't been following us on Facebook, we have three new Dearly Departed Lotions (with their own tales of demise) and two new lotion bars. All of these products were inspired by the scents of Fall. We decided to use patchouli, as it is considered a classic Halloween scent with its sweet/muskiness. And, we've also added cinnamon to our repertoire of essential oils. Cinnamon is a classic Fall scent- not to mention taste.

Since Fall and Halloween are my favorite times of the year (as if you couldn't guess that already), we're packing our orders with goodies from new custom bookmarks to lollipops to samples of the new Fall products. AND, if you haven't purchased a sampler kit or you're curious about these new scents, order one now! These are specifically Fall sampler kit, unless you otherwise request to not try our latest and greatest. 

We will be discontinuing a couple of lotions to make room for these and the upcoming holiday season. Stay tuned to make sure you don't miss out! And, enter our monthly contests to get yours before they enter the graveyard...only to return on the eve of a full moon and many requests.

This weekend in lieu of the first day of October- we will be offering a Halloween gift basket and a variety of goodie bags filled with these new scents. So, if you know a weirdo with great taste and a desire for healthy skin, purchase them a gift basket!