Not all Shea is created equal... (Price Increase)

Recently, we had to increase the price of some products by $0.49 to account for a change in our supplier of raw ivory African Shea butter. This is a main ingredient in almost every single product except for our body & lip sugar scrubs and fizzy bath bombs. But, we decided to stick with this supplier despite the price increase because the Shea butter is just that damn GOOD! Matter of fact, it's amazing. Here's why...

We have always struggled with the consistency of our lotion due to the combo of organic unrefined and/or raw ingredients. We do not add chemicals or preservatives or water. We prefer to keep every single ounce of awesome benefits in our ingredients. This comes with, a little bit of self consciousness on my part. Why? Because my lotion does NOT look like mainstream, over-the-counter lotion that uses a ton of other things to keep it looking smooth and creamy. Mine has flecks of raw Shea in it AND it's heat sensitive. But, these are not terrible things- and, I've gotten over my shyness because my lotion works. It honestly heals damaged skin, keeps it smooth, and takes away redness. I know this because so many of you, our dearly loved, customers have told me so! And, it also does the same great things to my own skin and my children's skin. But, like life in general, appearances often matter-- a sad truth that I rail against ALL the time. Fight. Fight. Fight.

Now, I'm not going mainstream at all but this new Shea butter has my lotion looking down right sexy! It's smooth and whipped in appearance. Best part? Less flecks, if any. Other best part? It's creamy so it gives you that comfort-feeling you're accustomed to with over-the-counter lotions BUT it still packs a punch with all the nourishment and benefits of each ingredient that hasn't been used and abused and squandered for the sake of consistency or appearance. 

So, our Fall scents and any new lotions going forward will increase by $0.49. However, we decided to NOT increase the price of our facial moisturizer, The Vigil, which also uses Shea butter. I want to make sure this is still a reasonable price since it already uses so many other quality ingredients like 100% natural avocado oil and rosehip seed oil.

Here's a sexy little shot of the new consistency. It almost looks like I'm making a dessert. My KitchenAid gets so much action.