Mom Hard

Being a Mom to 4 kids can be brutal. I'm usually exhausted; and, my own skin care routine seems inaccessible. But I constantly battle dry skin and now a tad bit of acne (at 35 years old- argh!) due to breastfeeding my 8 month old gorgeous little dude.

So, here I sit under a sleeping baby with a 3 year old and almost 2 year old running circles in the living room. I should have a stellar skin care routine considering I have all the products at my fingertips, literally! But I don't. I make them for all you beautiful people.  

Why as Moms do things like skin care routines, skin care products, getting our hair done or a manicure become "treats" or "special occasion" things? We work hard damnit! This is the "Mom Trap," everyone else comes first and we slide into last, usually forgoing most things that make us feel good and more confident. We can even feel guilt for wanting things for ourselves- things as simple as a tube of lip balm.

Beautiful Carcass is NOT a break the bank skin & lip care routine. It's also not complicated. You don't need 4-5 different items used in a special secret combo method over a 10 year period that'll make your eyebrows grow and scrape 5 years off your age. 

You are already beautiful. You are already special. And our products are created to help your skin feel healthier. You don't need to look younger. You don't need to wait until Christmas or your Birthday to 'treat yourself.' Reasonable prices for wholesome, natural organic products that will help you feel healthier. You can use our products without needing 30 minutes to figure out the instructions, apply and then wait to remove. We are accessible. We are easy (wink, kidding) and we are Mom friendly. 

So, ladies, MOM HARD! Do your thing. But remember, you work hard damnit so take care of yourself! Because if you're anything like me: the ship would sink without you steering. Go put on some lip balm!