Beard Balm: A Bit of Euphoria & Psychosis

"God, I'd give anything for [beard balm]. I'd give my goddamned soul for just a [jar of beard balm]." Jack Torrance, The Shining

True story. Our beard balm is THAT good.

Do you really need beard balm in your life? Yes. But why? Beard balm does more than style or scent your beard. Yes, it'll make you irresistible to women. Yes, you'll be able to fight off zombie hordes. Yes, you'll capture real footage of the Jersey Devil. Maybe.

But more importantly: our beard balm is going to rock your beard's world, regardless of size, texture, or shape. Our beard balms contain a base of organic unrefined cold pressed coconut oil. Coconut oil has properties that are naturally antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-fungal. It also has Vitamins E & K that help to repair broken skin and decrease flaking.

Our secondary ingredient, organic unrefined raw African Shea butter, also helps to heal and relieve dry flaky skin. Beard itch can be a major bummer. Who wants to spend time scratching their beard when they could be saving the dirty damsel in distress from an approaching horde? No one- that's who.

We added jojoba oil to Devil in the Barrens. Jojoba oil can help repair and strengthen damaged hair follicles. It's also used to treat hair loss. This might be an ingredient we make primary in all our beard balms. It's pretty fantastic.

Get a beard balm. Use it for whatever you need. Style. Sanitize. Scent.

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