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Cemetery Dirt Coffee Facial Scrub


Feeling sluggish? Is the taste for brains all consuming? Not only revive your dead skin but wake it up too! Our Cemetery Dirt facial scrub is a mixture of ground coffee and organic coconut oil. Coffee is a natural way to exfoliate your skin in a gentle way. It will leave your skin soft and smooth while helping to reduce acne. Coconut oil also helps to reduce acne by killing the growth of bacteria which contributes to oily, infected pores.

Cemetery Dirt will leave your skin smelling faintly of fresh coffee.

Size: 2 oz

Apply across your face with small circular strokes. Leave on for 5-10 minutes, as desired. Remove with wash cloth soaked in warm water. Wipe away gently. Follow with any one of our moisturizers for a decadent spa-like experience.

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Additional Info

Ingredients: Organic Unrefined Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera); Ground Coffee (Coffea)