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"The Unfortunate Fortune Teller" Lotion


The Unfortunate Fortune Teller Dearly Departed Lotion has a medley of unique scents: Clary Sage, Tangerine, Lavender, and Vanilla. The “Unfortunate Fortune Teller” will carry you away to a time of gypsies, superstitions and mystery. Clary sage is known to help invoke a sense of euphoria, as well as reduce skin inflammation and heal rashes. Tangerine is considered an antiseptic but also relieves anxiety and stress. It can help balance oil and moisture in skin. We have added a touch of lavender and vanilla to help calm your spirit.

Like the majority of our products, certified organic unrefined cold pressed coconut oil is used as a main ingredient. Coconut oil is an amazing skin softener. Research has also claimed that coconut oil is good for people with psoriasis and eczema. Shea butter is packed with natural vitamins and fatty acids. It is great for dry skin or to help protect our skin's natural oils. Our blend of ingredients create a nourishing lotion that not only smells great but is healthy for all types of skin.

Open the container, place desired amount between hands, close your eyes and breathe in the scents as you moisturize your skin. These lotions can be applied to dry, cracked heels and feet too.

Complimentary git included: a tarot card from deck pictured. We will hand select a card and divine your fate!

Follow the untimely death of the poor soul that inspired this month's scent. What horror fell before him or her? Dearly Departed lotions are infused with the scents invoked by these tragic lives. 

“The Unfortunate Fortune Teller” - The Tragic Tale Behind the Lotion

The illuminated sign blinked twice before going dim. The same as Madame Vadoma's lavender eyes. A tarot deck sat untouched, fortunes waiting to be foretold with no one left to do so. A bright red stain seeped through her tangerine colored head scarf, pooling behind her head. The smell of burning sage helped her to cross over, despite a strong desire for revenge. The tall man closed the door behind him. He had given Madame Vadoma her own fortune. It was not pleasant. How very unfortunate.

Size: 3.4 oz

Best if used within 6 months of purchase

Please note that no humans were harmed in the making of our Dearly Departed Lotions. These tales and this month's tarot card reading are for entertainment purposes only. We swear.

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Additional Info

Ingredients: Organic Unrefined Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera), Organic Raw African Ivory Shea Butter (Butyrospermum Parkii)