The Essential Oils in Our Products







Citrus bergamia


Uplifting; Relaxing; Promotes healthy, clear skin; Natural deodorizer; Helps to reduce scarring


Cedar Wood

Cedrus doedara


Anti-inflammatory; Relieves itchy skin; Insect and mosquito repellant

Clary Sage

Salvia sclarea


Antioxidant to tighten skin; Aphrodisiac; Balances and regulates the production of natural oils in skin; Reduces oily and dry skin



Zingiber officinale


Relieve aches and pains; Promote blood circulation; Antiseptic; Warming


Jasminum grandiflora


Ease muscle aches and pains; Aphrodisiac; Boost energy; Reduce stress; Bolsters skin's immunity; Reduce dryness by increasing skin's elasticity; Fades scars




Disinfect skin; Eliminate stress; Calming; Sleep aide; Insect repellant; Regenerates skin; Treats acne; Reduce scarring


Citrus limon


Natural astringent; Cleanser; Reduces oily skin; Natural deodorizer; Acne fighter; Facial toner; Blackhead remover; Lighten and brighten skin




Anti-inflammatory; Antiseptic; Natural deodorizer; Alleviate headaches; Relieve muscle pains; Great for all skin types; Fights acne; Insect repellant


Citrus latifolia


Encourages feelings of positivity; Renew the spirit; Fights varicose veins; Treats acne; Natural astringent; Natural deodorizer; May decrease cellulite


Pogostemon cablin


Antidepressant; Aphrodisiac; Astringent; Anti-inflammatory; Deodorizer; Insect repellant; Soothes dry skin; Helps relax the body for a healthy, restful night of sleep; Promotes a glowing complexion.


Mentha piperita


Antimicrobial; Reduce nail fungal infections; Nourishes dull skin; Improves texture of oily or greasy skin; Cooling and soothing sensation for chapped or dry lips; Uplifting




Rosa damascena




Antidepressant; Astringent; Aphrodisiac; Antiseptic; Promotes circulation; Helps skin look shiny and youthful; Regulates hormone production throughout the body


Rosehip Seed

Rosa canina



Reduces wrinkles, dark spots and 'bags' under eyes; Full of vitamins and antioxidants; Used to heal scars; Used to help treat dermatitis and eczema; Used to soothe sun burnt skin; Can help strengthen brittle nails


Rosemarinus officinalis


Increase circulation; Stress relief; Antibacterial; Anti-fungal; Boosts immunity; Alleviate muscle and joint pain; Fade stretch marks; Fights cellulite; Fights acne; Insect repellant

Sweet Orange

Citrus sinensis


Maintain healthy, smooth skin; Anti-inflammatory; Antiseptic; Aphrodisiac; Fights acne; Smooths rough patches of skin; Fights cellulite; Uplifting scent


Citrus reticulata


Invigorating effect; Anti-fungal; Antiseptic; Reduces appearance of scars and stretch marks; Fights acne


Vanilla planifolia


Antioxidant; Aphrodisiac; Antidepressant; Balance hormones; Reduce inflammation





100% All Natural Avocado Oil

Avocado oil comes from the avocado. It contains proteins and unsaturated fats that benefit skin. It softens the skin and reduces aging. Avocado oil is very beneficial to dry or aged skin as it increases the production of collagen. It can help relieve dry and itchy skin when applied, as it has been used to treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. This oil soaks deeply into the skin, moisturizing and nourishing it. It has soothing properties. To ensure you are not allergic to avocado oil, place a small amount on your arm and wait a day or so to check for a reaction. The avocado oil used in Beautiful Carcass' products is manufactured in a plant that also handles tree nuts.





Organic Raw Shea Butter

Shea butter is extracted from the nuts of the Shea tree. It is highly flexible as it can treat a variety of skin conditions including: blemishes; wrinkles; itching; sunburns; insect bites; skin allergies; eczema; etc. Shea butter has a healing property. It is deeply moisturizing and regenerates skin, including working on reducing scarring. It can also help with muscle aches. Shea butter is a friend to all of Mother Nature's seasons whether you are treating frost bite or sunburns. It is soothing and calming. In some parts of the world, it is used to protect against sun exposure. Shea butter can be used before and after sports or work outs to help prepare the muscles and then to help them recover faster. Beautiful Carcass uses raw Shea butter, which means it retains ALL of its healing, moisturizing properties.



Organic Unrefined Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil


        We love Organic Coconut Oil and you will too!

        Organic Coconut oil is the base carrier oil of all of our products.



Coconut oil is ANTIMICROBIAL

This means that it works just like a natural preservative and does not allow the herbs and other oils in our products to go bad.  It also helps to kill or slow the growth of microorganisms that can be harmful to our health.


Coconut oil can help SERIOUSLY DRY SKIN

Seriously dry skin doesn't stand a chance with Beautiful Carcass products.  Not only does it smell delicious but it is proven in human studies to speed up wound healing, increase skin hydration and reduce water loss.


Coconut oil adds SHINE

One of the most powerful effects of using our products in the gorgeous shine on your skin or lips from using just a small amount of our product because of the coconut oil base!  Remember, a little goes a long way!


Coconut oil is MOISTURIZING

On almost any skin type, coconut oil helps to moisturize your skin, lips, and can be particularly great on the face.  Gently massaging some of our products (such as our Dearly Departed Lotions or Butcher Block Lotion Bars) containing coconut oil onto your face can replace your nighttime moisturizing ritual.



Say good-bye to dry hands.  If you are like me, constantly washing dishes or rinsing off your hands after changing diapers or even if you handle lots of paperwork during your day, you will appreciate the effect that coconut oil will have on those dry hands.  Our lotions or lotion bars can revive that dry skin and bring it back to life making them softer and more moist.